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The Inverness 2000 ear piercing system is the safest most advanced, sterile ear piercing system available today. It has safety features that include 100% earring encapsulation that protects against cross contamination prior to piercing.

Inverness' patented Safety Clutchâ„¢ (No Butterfly Clasp) eliminates the possibility of the backing from ever being squeezed too tightly to the back of the ear. It can not be pushed any further up the earring post beyond the safety notch, which provides optimum air circulation for healing.

We have two distinct piercing systems, Inverness 2000 for outer ear piercing and Dr Pierce professional nose piercing systems, both systems only use hand pressured medical devises. (NO GUNS) When compared to biopsy needle piercing our products make piercing less critical and will heal faster.


Ear (FREE antiseptic) $36 +earrings
Earrings $16.75 - $46.25
Nose (FREE antiseptic) $65